My Story

Hello, I’m Shawn May, a business owner and IT Consultant. I began my journey in Information Technology in the early 90s, a time when things were starkly different from today’s digital landscape. Over the years, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with the direction technology was taking. I believed there was room for improvement – we could enhance efficiency, cut costs, and strengthen security. This belief led me to establish my own IT Consulting firm, Dynamic Technical Solutions.

My mission has always been clear – to implement the necessary changes within the realm of technology. I started by examining the technologies, processes, and personnel within international businesses across the United States. With over 30 years in the field, I’ve identified operational inefficiencies, inflated costs, and compromised security in most companies.

Over the years, I’ve built relationships with numerous professionals who are passionate about technology but are often overwhelmed by administrative tasks or firefighting work. They rarely have time to keep up with new technologies, and many rely on salespeople for new solutions. This is problematic as salespeople typically only represent their brand and are rarely impartial about competitor products. As a result, many technology solutions are not tailored to companies’ needs but sold by the best sales reps.

This issue is even more pronounced for small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs who lack the time and resources to review technology solutions. To address this, I began conducting comprehensive technical product reviews for my clients, examining all available products, not just those presented by sales reps. This approach has saved my clients billions of dollars, proving invaluable for large corporations.

Today, I use my extensive experience to provide unbiased reviews of technology products and solutions, helping those who want to find the best solutions rather than being limited to a single option.

As a self-proclaimed geek, I’m always exploring new technologies and areas. If there’s something you’d like me to review, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m open to comments, questions, and even a good joke.