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  • We do not collect personal information except to the extent you provide that information to use through email, your web browser or through our contact forms. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide non-public information to others without your consent.

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About Us

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About US

This is about us – Dynamic Technical Solutions, Inc. (DTS Inc.).  DTS, Inc. is currently headquartered in the Tampa Bay Area on west coast of Florida. Since inception in 2006, DTS Inc. has created personal and professional partnerships.  Since 2006, DTS, Inc. continues to provide and fulfill top IT security and technical staffing needs for large Future 500 businesses.

Being …of service is at our very core.

DTS, Inc. focuses on servicing projects and outsourcing top-end technology talent providing expert resources.  Our consultants service contracts across the nation, including in state and local government. (professional services)

Lead by two seasoned IT veterans (with 30+ years experience), DTS Inc. maintains a microscope-focus on today’s technology and personnel. Adjusting for tomorrow’s budgetary challenges, DTS also remains absolutely determined and dedicated remaining competitive for you. DTS literally meets and exceeds every-single checkbox in value and service delivery:

  • Providing dependable and knowledgeable staffing-resources – professionals for any IT project
  • Personalized business security and continuity solutions
  • Unique cost saving licensing and cloud plans

Through a partnership with our clients, our team of expert resources brings about a realization of the potential of technology, and not just in theory, but by a proper planning, implementation, documentation, and turnover process.

We provide a high level of return, consistently exceeding expectations by providing substantial value both within our knowledge of business process and technology.

DTS endeavors to realize technology goals and harness them toward the enhancement of your organization, filtering out unnecessary or complex solutions. This is all about us, and what we do.

About Us – Technology Experts

Our team expertly identifies unnecessary burdens within technology.  Such burdens are often created by legacy circumstances.  These can often be relatively simple solutions, such as automation, process adoption, or implementing policy, though at times it may require a bit more to bring about an effective resolution.  For DTS, no project is too big.

We advocate effective, yet simple solutions, devoid of complications.  One of the most valued skills we bring to the table is the depth of experience required to properly define project requirements. Properly scoped and thoroughly vetted projects prevent scope creep and ensure successful implementation.  DTS will partner with you to properly scope your project.

DTS is your resource to achieve more in less time.  Let’s face it – IT is overburdened with initiatives to implement. Our team plans, documents and performs training and turnover with your internal resources.  Through this partnership with DTS, the business can implement initiatives without further burdening existing staff.

DTS Inc. is a valuable addition to your team. 

Group working at on computers with phones, overhead shot



Dynamic Technical Solutions is one of the best in the business. I had the pleasure of working and learning a great deal from their team members in the past four years. DTS’ work ethic is unlike any I have ever seen. I have always known them to follow through until the job is completed correctly.


R.T., Network Administrator, E-470 Public Highway Authority



I had a pleasure working with Dynamic Technical Solutions very closely on a very complex, critical project with a lot of moving parts and unknowns. Not only did DTS quickly grasped all the complexities of the project, they helped bring clarity and order to it. Their dedication and professionalism are tremendous. They are teammembers whom you can always count on to be there and deliver what’s required and then some. Their technical abilities have allowed us to develop and implement great solutions. DTS’ understanding of IT security helped us not only come up with a robust technical solution, but also a very secure one. I’ll gladly work with them any time again.

I.S., VP Technology at Barclays Capital



I have had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions over the last year servicing the same customer. DTS demonstrates an exceptional technical aptitude, attention to detail and work ethic that makes their service delivery extraordinary. Anyone requiring solid directory services architectural or techincal guidance will benefit from what DTS brings to the table. I recommend their work.

N.K., Senior Technical Account Manager



I had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions at The Children’s Hospital and found them to be an extremely knowledgeable in respect to Microsoft Windows Engineering. Their precision, dedication, thoroughness and understanding in Microsoft Active Directory design and support are impeccable. They take pride in continuously learning, adapting and implementing all of the knowledge they possess and have shown such aptitude in technical writings of Kerberos, DNS and Microsoft products as a whole. I would welcome the opportunity of working with DTS again and hope to do so in the future

As for the CEO, Shawn, the person – he is a kind, considerate and passionate person in every aspect of his life. Whether it is his family, health, work, spirituality or any other activity he exudes passion in what he puts his mind to. He never backs down from a challenge and is always willing to help people close to him in any way he can.

I highly recommend Dynamic Technical Solutions and Shawn as an Engineer, Manager, Director or mentor and can see them excelling in every aspect.





Dynamic Technical Solutions brings in a rare combination of attention to detail along with a keen focus on security. Remarkably professional, innovative and client oriented. Incredible skills in the MS core architecture space which makes DTS a must have for all infrastructure teams. DTS is extremely competent, takes a hands-on approach in resolving issues and does not shy away even when the issue is not related to their space. DTS is the most motivated, passionate and enthusiastic team member I’ve ever had. DTS is a great to work with and would be an invaluable asset to anyone.







I worked an engagement with Dynamic Technical Solutions as the AD Architect for Barclays Capital. Since the onset, DTS demonstrated that not only a very seasoned expertise in Active Directory, but also a very focused, polished professionalism with very high standards of quality and integrity. DTS’ work in this project has been excellent. The client has commended and extended them, which is a direct reflection of DTS’ ability to produce great results and build good rapport with clients and business partners. I have also been able to get to know DTS’ CEO as a person, and appreciate his values, the importance he places on education and family, and had the pleasure of engaging in intellectually enriching conversations. DTS is led by a great individual, and I look forward to working with him in future opportunities.







I had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions for 9 months on a complicated Active Directory DMZ rebuild\re-engineer project for a major US Bank. The depth of knowledge DTS holds on AD communications, protocols, and underpinnings is above the SME level. Their overall understanding of AD architecture and design is also in the top tier of companies I have worked with.

The DTS team is very detailed oriented and able to work with a number of teams and challenges in a very professional manner. They helped bring clarity and understanding on challenges to operations team, engineers, project managers and senior management stakeholders. Their documentation and presentation skills were able to relay the needed information to the most technical resource to the non-technical Project manager.

I look forward to working with Dynamic Technical Solutions again in the future!

-C.K. Identity Integration Engineer at a US based multinational Banking and Financial Services Corporation


“We contracted with DTS to perform an upgrade/migration of our existing Active Directory and Exchange environments onto new equipment. “The entire process was extremely painless and we were very happy with the results. I can honestly say that our DTS consultants exceeded our expectations. It took less time than we had anticipated, and some of the issues we were afraid of running into did occur, but our DTS consultants were very quick at finding a working solution.” “DTS is technically competent, their work is very thorough, and their attention to detail is the best I have seen. I would not hesitate in recommending Dynamic Technical Solutions to anyone looking for Microsoft professionals”.

-R.B. Information Technology Director, Colorado City Government – Town of Vail


“The focus in our industry has turned to automation over the last 10 years. In doing that, we have increased all facets of technology in the toll industry with the focus on high availability. I have continued to use DTS (8 years) because I see their results. After contracting with DTS, I have not had to increase the internal staff with the increasing technology needs of the company. Outsourcing with DTS has been much more economical than hiring full time employees.”


– B.T., Director of Information Technology, Northwest Parkway, LLC


“Based on a colleague’s professional suggestion, who works for a local government entity, I contacted Dynamic Technical Solutions to see what they could do for Aurora Federal Credit Union. DTS came in and assisted Aurora Federal Credit Union in developing and implementing a strategy to upgrade our technology to the most up-to-date, fully functioning enterprise systems, complete with fault tolerant backups, enhanced security, time saving automation and more. Whether small or large, DTS is always ready to assist with any of our IT needs or problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dynamic Technical Solutions to anyone who is looking to have the best technology solutions possible. Best of all, DTS consultants speak my language.”


– J.H. President, Aurora Federal Credit Union


  • Implementing correct solutions
  • Bringing the correct talent (professional-staff-augmentation or project team)
  • Alignment to the business functional & functional direction
  • Maintaining agility with communication and options
  • Ensure to have a properly scoped project and accurate roadmap eliminating fluff


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