Office 365: Actual Impact

Proactively researching best methods, practices and approach(es) to successfully transition a business to Office 365, while making full use of existing investments, can be an interesting challenge.  This can be compared to a chess match, where the business has an infinite combination of potential moves and directions. Often business requirements provide sufficient direction. What could some of […]

Office 365: Proper Scoping

A successful Office 365 migration should not require “learning by the school of hard knocks” or “trial and error”. Such approaches can wind up costing businesses a fortune while they try to get it right. At DTS we know it can be done better and more efficiently and we’ve proven it time and time again. We know the road […]

Executive Summary: Architecting and Engineering

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking at transitioning your business’ email service to an online solution, such as Exchange Online. You’ve probably also come to the realization this might not be as simple as sitting back and pressing “Play”. You’re more right than you know. Often times the main roadblock to moving forward […]

Merging Email Services is Far More Streamlined Today

Whether or not both parent and child business entities utilize cloud or on-premises technology for email services, merging the source, or child, environment into the parent can present technical hurdles and challenges. Knowing this path streamlines such initiatives, making them far more simple and straight forward for everyone involved. Beyond Technology As part of the initial […]

Mergers & Acquisitions: Email Services

Business mergers and acquisitions are a key component in the future growth and prosperity for all companies involved. That is, if the process is managed efficiently and effectively. Identify Dependencies: In any business model, there is a significant dependence upon seamless communications and collaboration internally. This becomes even more relevant with businesses that are acquired or […]

Enable Your Active Directory Recycling Bin

True Story – Avoiding Risk This past weekend, a medium-sized client contacted us concerning a serious problem. Moments before the call, the admin had unfortunately and inadvertently deleted ALL, YES ALL, Active Directory user objects (excluding service accounts).  If you couldn’t have guessed, this was a complete heart stopping experience!  At that very moment, I […]

Tech Tip: Skype for Business

Skype for Business – Do Not Disturb Mode Use the Privacy Relationships feature to control who can access you via Skype for Business. Only contacts in the Workgroup relationship can get a user’s attention via Skype for Business when they are in Do Not Disturb mode. This is why privacy relationships must be carefully considered. […]

Azure Security & On-Prem Active Directory (behind the scenes)

Enterprise Auth(n) Solutions With Microsoft’s Active Directory stepping up to the plate as the preferred and predominate underlying service-platform for cloud Enterprise user authentication and authorization, we are commonly asked, “How are businesses routinely maintaining compliance for those necessary underlying service accounts which support and make the whole darn thing function?” From a top down […]

Do your emails arrive?

Take a peek under the hood… In today’s digital communication market, there are vast numbers of germane reasons email messages miss their intended target(s). Through a bit of intrepidity, and certainly some investigation, one can increase the likelihood messages will hit their intended target. However, where does one start? Here are just a few areas to begin […]

Hybrid Deployment

Good morning!!  Me again with some quick and helpful tips to consider how to manage or deploy cloud solutions. Hybrid Deployment Considerations – possibly a better alternative (more choices, less restrictive) In this day and age, access to data must be ubiquitous. There are a myriad of reasons, along with potential benefits, to maintaining a hybrid (split) […]