About DTS

At DTS our goal is to enable end users, IT and management to utilize new and existing technology to its fullest. We implement solutions that move people, including IT, up the value chain.  Our aim is to minimize the time, effort and money spent making machines work; realigning those efforts toward creating solutions for the organization.

The focus is on creating an organized and structured computing environment, providing widespread adoption of simplicity and ease of use. We strive to create success and inspire others to effectively use technology to achieve the organization’s goals. Collaboration is a pivotal factor used to understand our client’s business processes and ensure technology is properly planned, implemented and utilized.

Through a partnership with our clients, our team of experts brings about a realization of the potential of technology, not just in theory, but by a proper planning, implementation, documentation, and turnover process.

We provide a high level of return, consistently exceeding expectations by providing substantial value both within our knowledge of business process and technology.

DTS endeavors to realize technology goals and harness them toward the enhancement of the organization, filtering out unnecessary or complex solutions.

Our team expertly identifies unnecessary burdens within technology.  Such burdens are often created by legacy circumstances.  These can often be relatively simple solutions, such as automation, process adoption, or implementing policy, though at times it may require a bit more to bring about an effective resolution.  For DTS, no project is too big.

We advocate effective, yet simple solutions, devoid of complications.  One of the most valued skills we bring to the table is the depth of experience required to properly define project requirements. Properly scoped and thoroughly vetted projects prevent scope creep and ensure successful implementation.  DTS will partner with you to properly scope your project.

DTS is your resource to achieve more in less time.  Let’s face it – IT is overburdened with initiatives to implement. Our team plans, documents and performs training and turnover with your internal resources.  Through this partnership with DTS, the business can implement initiatives without further burdening existing staff.

DTS is a valuable addition to your team.  Contact us today.