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  • We do not collect personal information except to the extent you provide that information to use through email, your web browser or through our contact forms. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide non-public information to others without your consent.

Remote Workforce Security Strategy
Published on January 17, 2021
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Defining Your Remote Workforce Security Strategy

There has been a notable growth and obvious demand for IT business executives and security strategy experts (CISO) to rapidly research and adopt remote workforce security strategies.

Prior to COVID, research and subsequent adoption for such security strategies had taken an extreme backseat in favor of far more sexier, preferred, cost-reduction projects. Knowledge and implementation of these newer security strategies hadn’t proportionally gained sufficient grounding nor business favor.

Businesses routinely and erroneously, even in 2021, rely on PHYSICAL infrastructure deterrents to maintain security boundaries for identities and information.  These physical elements alone no longer keep bad actors out.

A more pragmatic and balanced approach is necessary in defining well balanced Remote Workforce Security Strategies.  In cyber-security, no longer are firewalls and VPNs alone capable of providing those necessary comforts which previously gave us warm and fuzzies for a peaceful night sleep.

Securing Business Information

Once consider taboo, businesses are irrevocably being forced to throw out their dated rule book for more modern and sophisticated security methods.  Simply stated; business are unable to avoid adoption of contemporary secure-strategies which safely exposes critical services and sensitive information to their remote workforce. Beyond the trusted perimeter of physical networks, remote workers (offline or online) quite often require permanent accessibility to mission critical, sensitive, business information, including intellectual property. Wow, that’s a mouth full – try saying that 5 times.

For decades, business executives have had a perceived luxury, safety-net, of an on-premises environment gently encouraging employees to think-twice prior to doing something that would be perceived as questionable.  Whether or not internal security deterrents were implemented or present, the idea or even vague concept that Big Brother “is watching” provided sufficient pressure preventing mistakes or outright malicious attacks.  Where this might sounds grim, a remote worker is NOW far more apt to print or share sensitive information.  Furthermore, an uninformed remote employee is far more apt to unintentionally expose his computer to risky content thus presenting potential leakage.

Businesses are scrambling to implement a balanced security approach for their remote workforce.  Take this opportunity to properly design and implement a remote workforce security strategy which not only secures business data, but also enhances end-user experience.  

It is absolutely critical to hire an experienced enterprise solutions provider, professionals, who know how to design and implement a true remote workforce security strategy.

  • Mobility
  • Windows Devices
  • Access Controls
  • End-User Adoption
  • Threat Protection


  • Cost reduction
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Data Residency & Governance
  • Application Policies & Protection
  • Monitoring & Alerts


Dynamic Technical Solutions

We at DTS Inc. proactively help our customers to reduce overall IT business costs, while simultaneously assist to raise technical and security standards. Reduction of IT costs, paired against increase of standards can, and is often, perceived to be in conflict. We have found these two factually run parallel with one another.

Keeping a fixed microscope-focus on today’s, adjusting for tomorrow’s, budgetary challenges, DTS remains absolutely determined and dedicated to remain competitive for you. At the heart of this, DTS literally meets and exceeds every-single checkbox in value and service delivery:

  • Providing dependable and dedicated Microsoft IT (staff-augmentation) professionals
  • Personalized business security and continuity solutions
  • Unique, cost saving, enterprise, SMB & partner licensing and cloud plans

DTS is your one-stop-shop fulfillment for all your solutions.

Whether you’re operating in the cloud, solely on premise or any combination, DTS is your design and implementation partner for your next customized security solution.  Rest assured, your next project will perfectly align to best industry practices, and then some. We are here of service to YOU.

One additional note.  Enlightenment and education remains one of the most effective vanguards to prevention. Knowbe4 is a security company dedicated to training and awareness for personnel.  Checkout their website.


I have been fortunate enough to work with Dynamic Technical Solutions for the better part of 11mths on an extremely aggressive regulatory project. One of the project streams called for the design & implementation of an External Active Directory of which a DTS were the lead architects. This project was incredibly unique as it was the first time the firm was doing anything of this nature. It involved many global teams and a myriad of adversities (staff turnover, disagreeing opinions, purchasing constraints etc.).

DTS’ team were my go-to guys. It is extremely rare in that they are not only ridiculously technical, but also human beings. Most resources with such an in-depth technical ability tend to have zero personality. On the contrary, DTS’ team are extremely personable, humorous, and level headed.

On countless occasions throughout the project, they demonstrated keen ability to think about the “big-picture”, not just the immediate task at hand. Being extremely forward thinking, their opinion almost always became gospel since as DTS is very good at convincing people & teams of the correct pathway or direction to take.

I would gladly work with DTS again on any project, in any capacity!!

– S.P. – Global Financial Institute


  • Customized security solutions – aligning with business requirements
  • Bringing the correct talent (professional-staff-augmentation or project team)
  • Alignment to the business function & direction
  • Maintaining agility with communication and options
  • Properly scoping projects
  • Elimination of fluff 


Stay Well

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