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  • We do not collect personal information except to the extent you provide that information to use through email, your web browser or through our contact forms. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide non-public information to others without your consent.

IT Recruitment Professionals – Your Resource Selection
Published on December 3, 2020
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Our President

Speaks On Cost Saving Tips For IT Resource Selection

Hear how DTS President, Colleen, helps business executives benefit driving cost saving solutions for properly locating and screening IT Recruitment Professionals for internal selection processes.

Spending too much time and money trying to find the right IT Resources? President of Dynamic Technical Solutions, Colleen May has personally performed hundreds of IT resource interviews. Based on decades of industry experience, Colleen has successfully narrowed down these more important, cost saving, lessons.

IT Resource Selection truly starts using these simple, yet important, tips to save time and money in locating the right IT professionals.  Is your Job Description an encyclopedia of technical skills? You may be pursuing the less important elements of finding and selecting the right IT Resource.

IT Recruitment Profressionals  – Resource Selection

Finding the right IT resource(s) really can make the difference between spending a significant amount of money and time, were one doesn’t need to, versus get to the races fast and pushing your business forward.

I’d like to provide you with a couple of tools that can really help you find the right IT resource(s) for your particular activity or business project. When it comes to identifying and finding IT resources, there’s two areas I want to talk about. The first is finding a good cultural fit for your business, and the other is locating the right skills.

Now there’s a reasons why I say cultural fit first and skill second.

Through the IT Resource Selection process, there are a plethora of technical skills you can have (or gather) for any given IT resource. However with this plethora of skills, you have different variations of cultural fits. For example you can have an IT resource that is really good at collaborating with others, and some who aren’t. What does their daily job look like? Do you need this resource to be able to work with other people? Do you need this individual to be able to collaborate to figure things out as a team? Or will this individual be a solo act?

There are those who are able to proactively reach out to interact with end-users, with groups or possibly even with senior executives.  There are also those who are absolutely comfortable sitting in their office working on their computer alone.

These are very different roles AND expectations.

Are you looking for an individual who is willing to stay after hours or somebody who only works between the hours of 9 to 5 – especially (nowadays) where things are routinely performed remotely? Do you need someone who is able to attend meetings and speak up, or perhaps make the presentation him or herself?

You are looking for a specific type of person or individual.

There is internal Change Management – you most likely need resources who aren’t going to be a cowboy and do whatever.  This individual needs to be able to follow policy and instruction, but think for themselves.  Some can. Some cannot. What would fit and what wouldn’t?  DTS is your IT Recruitment Professionals!

We have all hired that person who is per se technically skilled but didn’t quite work for the project. There may be a time when you need somebody who’s just going to get it done.

What I’m really talking about is; what are they going to be doing each today, and then fitting that to the right resource.

The happier somebody is in that position the longer they’re going to there, the less it’ll end up costing.

Now finding out ahead of time what is and isn’t going to be a good fit will save you a lot of time and money — for both on-boarding and off-boarding potentially.

Narrow In On Skills

It is super important to also determine what IT skill are important. Of course that sounds like a given.  However after doing countless interviews over the years, a person can sound like they know it, and then they can actually know it.  There is a difference.

I’m not talking about ‘programming’, ‘development‘ ‘engineering’ or even ‘architecture’.  I am specifically talking about what level of skill do you need this person to have?

Knowing the difference between PEOPLE who ‘say’ things, and THOSE who actually ‘do’ things is critical.

IT Recruitment Professionals

Our team is dedicated to FINDING what is going to be a good fit for your business – saving you time and money.   The cost saving in having somebody who can BE THERE and DO THE JOB job you need is invaluable.

Bring somebody on board and then having to take them out of that position can be COSTLY.  This is why Dynamic Technical Solutions works with our clients to really identify the KEY aspects of each position in each BUSINESS that makes for a successful placement.

Dynamic Technical Solutions, your IT Resource Professionals, helps you save time and money.


In summary, when selecting your next IT resource, you want to look at two critical areas:

  • Cultural Fit
  • Technical Skills fit

At Dynamic Technical solutions, we are experts at IT Resource Selection.  Our dedicate team is here and ready to help you find your EXACT next IT resource.

I would love your feedback.

Contact our team, IT Recruitement Professionals, at DTS Inc. for any needed assistance.  We’re at your disposal.

Warmest Regards – Colleen May

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