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  • We do not collect personal information except to the extent you provide that information to use through email, your web browser or through our contact forms. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide non-public information to others without your consent.

Vampire Personalities – Ruining Man’s Pace
Published on August 14, 2020
Vampire series


I’m routinely asked why I prefer to keep myself so busy. Why make productive weekend plans, versus slowing down, relaxing and taking it easy? This happens to be an excellent question – after all, who doesn’t need a break from time to time.

Well, frankly; man as a homosapien simply was never meant to go slow.

Where might have this insidious and infectious idea come from? (Video: The Anti-Social Personality / Social Personality)

Vampire Personalities – Ruining Man’s Pace

Man’s Spark

Man is that spark which ignites the flame in our society. Man imbues life into this world through action. Whether we’re talking about a painter, photographer, computer programmer or even a building-mechanic, nothing can compare or replace man’s innate ability to create. Man is sentient – with vast intelligence and capabilities far beyond anything mechanical.  Many of man’s abilities can sometimes be overlooked.

Man, unlike anything on earth, has an innate and expansive ability to solve complex and changing problems – and fast! At any given moment, man possesses an infinite capacity to evaluate problems or scenarios and simultaneously envision and compare these against multiple solutions.

Man’s Computing Capacity

Man’s thought and computing capacity literally operates light-years beyond that of any present or future computer (for a more thorough description, read Dianetics). Some perhaps may argue this fact. Well, as an exercise, recall the following points (take a moment to go through the following):

Quick Exercise:

  • Recall the earliest birthday of blowing out the candles – do you have that experience?
  • Recall an emotion, in the last 5 year, where you were driving and someone entered your lane – do you have that emotion in that scene?
  • Next recall a time you were outside – can you perceive the sense of the temperature on your skin?

Assuming you completed the above exercise, a few details might have gone unnoticed.

During this exercise, you most likely were able to retrieve details in your surroundings. What else did you possibly notice – perhaps like the color of the candles or people you hadn’t seen in years?

Within or surrounding the car memory, were you able to notice any emotions, or maybe the interior state of the car (dirty, clean, new, old, musty, etc.).

You may have also recalled a judgement or past evaluation.

Native Ability

This doesn’t happen to be anything new for you. This simply is how you natively operate.

You also possess an incredible ability to hope, dream, imagine, create and help others.

You inspire people to reach new heights.

As another point worth mentioning, in the above exercise, take a moment to observe how rapidly you were able to jump or shift from scene to scene (up and down your life-span).

Could a per se “man-made” computer accomplish such instantaneous speed, detailed-accuracy and response without popping a circuit? Hmm. Perhaps that is a good question.

Well, let’s return to an original point above.


By survey, there’s absolutely NOTHING more invigorating, and frankly rewarding, than to begin a workweek after an extremely active or accomplished weekend – whew!  Talk about supercharing the engine. Whether hiking, swimming, skiing, mountain biking, volunteering, fixing up the house, helping your bambino on some important homework projects or what have you, such activities raise morale.  It make you feel good. It rechanges the batteries and helps maintain a degree of sanity. Such activies provide one with an energizing disposition towards and for life, including your upcoming workweek.

Let’s now look at this in reverse; if after a busy and productive workweek, what happens if one determines to “slow down” or “take a break”. This factually reverses or kills your stride. It’s like slowing down a prize workhorse.

This doesn’t assume there is anything wrong with rewarding oneself with a well-earned meal or evening out.

Routine weekend plans to go for drinks, sleep in, party or even per se “chill” and watch sports will gradually reduce one’s morale and ability to enjoy life – especially work. Adopted to extreme or habitual levels will eventually cause one to reject work and dislike life.


Man is an extreme-powerhouse, fully capable of handling enormous amounts of randomity and challenges at a very high pace. He able to persist for very long periods, under extreme duress and physical conditions without food nor sleep.

We are most happy and content when we are operating or performing at peak performance.

“Slowing down”, “taking it easy” and such are artificial, infectious and poisonous ideas spread and repeated by vampires who are unable to maintain your pace.

On the surface, slowing down to other’s pace may seem like a good idea. This is actually wrong.

Moving Forward

Push towards your dream by being productive. Stay busy.

Plan weekends for the maximum amount of production with the least amount of downtime.

Warmest Regards,

Shawn May