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  • We do not collect personal information except to the extent you provide that information to use through email, your web browser or through our contact forms. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide non-public information to others without your consent.

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How To Make A Healthy Resume Really Shine
Published on June 3, 2018

Skills For A Resume

This article concerns Skills For A Resume.  What are the key differences between producing an ordinary vs incredible resume? This article answers How To Make A Healthy Resume Really Shine?  Within are key tips for authorizing and maintaining your resume.  These tips will improve capturing the attention of your audience, hiring manager or recruiters.  Additionally, I will call out some false and damaging information.

The essence and basics of a good resume is about communication.  Think of it as a tool.  This tool should essentially convey YOU.  It needs to communicate your professional abilities, and certainly your passions.  Some may argue these are unimportant.  I completely disagree with these naysayers.

Begin With A Healthy Mindset

Hidden recruitment layers – impacts upon jobseekers


Starting with basics, what can help a Healthy Resume shine – Skills For A Resume Building!

Whether starting from scratch, overhauling, or perhaps rolling through minor tweaks, prior to pounding away on the keyboard, take a moment to review these tips. Although no claims are made to have captured every detail, you nonetheless will find several fundamentals worth reviewing. Try applying the following.

First off; for your part, be absolutely certain to tackle your resume with a complete fresh disposition.  Avoid the ‘quickly knock it out approach.  Many dislike working on their resume.  This dislike frame of mind can inadvertently come through – Yikes.  The result can underrate or misrepresent YOU.

Your frame of mind, is key, especially when you want to create a Healthy Resume.  It can literally make the difference between a piece of art or a work of drab.

As silly as this sounds, time with your resume should be like going on a date.  You want a fresh state of mind.

With every resume edit, perhaps monthly or annually, seek to improve it.  Make it like never before. Slot out some one-on-one time to really dig in.  Start by rereading your masterpiece from top to bottom. Look for spelling or tense errors.  Approach every resume visit as something completely fresh, always in a brand new unit of time. Close the door, put everything else away and really dive in.  You owe it to yourself.

Prior to laying your hands on the keyboard, adopt an amazing and positive point-of-view.  This refreshed point-of-view should be of yourself.  Always remain objective.  Through your words, you will paint an amazing and professional canvas of yourself for others to see and admire.

Successful resumes truly communicate personal and professional ability.  It conveys passion. It needs to represent who you are, your abilities and what you’re capable of providing.  It ought to demonstrate passion and competence.

Who agrees this sounds like a first time, and not Skills For A Resume?

Areas To Avoid

Flippantly stating “I am the best canvas and oil painter in all of Columbia” certainly won’t create the desired effect.  Laboriously listing A-L-L your tools-of-trade certainly won’t get it done either – such as ‘I am fluent in: a.) paint brushes, b.) canvases, and c.) chemicals’.  – typically bullet points (nouns).

At the end of the day, an unbalanced list of bullet-points leaves a resume starved for content, not to mention FLAT.  After all, ‘things‘ such as like paint brushes, oil chemical, etc. are nouns.  These are incapable of performing or doing a single thing without the artist – You!

Nouns alone are simply unable to convey value, ability, passion or competence. Resumes should never exclusively focus on the things nor knowledge of the trade. As a matter of fact, nouns do not thinks.  Nouns simply do not truly demonstrate skill or thought.  Things (nouns) will never sell without demonstrating their use or value.

All too often, we see resumes selling a product or a brand (e.g. Microsoft, Dell, etc.).  Resumes should never sell another’s product or brand.

Your resume should sell YOU as the product or brand, not something else.



Dynamic Technical Solutions is one of the best in the business. I had the pleasure of working and learning a great deal from their team members in the past four years. DTS’ work ethic is unlike any I have ever seen. I have always known them to follow through until the job is completed correctly.


R.T., Senior IT Infrastructure & Ops Manager, E-470 Public Highway Authority



I had a pleasure working with Dynamic Technical Solutions very closely on a very complex, critical project with a lot of moving parts and unknowns. Not only did DTS quickly grasped all the complexities of the project, they helped bring clarity and order to it. Their dedication and professionalism are tremendous. They are team members whom you can always count on to be there and deliver what’s required and then some. Their technical abilities have allowed us to develop and implement great solutions. DTS’ understanding of IT security helped us not only come up with a robust technical solution, but also a very secure one. I’ll gladly work with them any time again.


I.S., VP Technology at Barclays Capital



I have had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions over the last year servicing the same customer. DTS demonstrates an exceptional technical aptitude, attention to detail and work ethic that makes their service delivery extraordinary. Anyone requiring solid directory services architectural or technical guidance will benefit from what DTS brings to the table. I recommend their work.


N.K., Microsoft – Senior Technical Account Manager



I had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions at The Children’s Hospital and found them to be an extremely knowledgeable in respect to Microsoft Windows Engineering. Their precision, dedication, thoroughness and understanding in Microsoft Active Directory design and support are impeccable. They take pride in continuously learning, adapting and implementing all of the knowledge they possess and have shown such aptitude in technical writings of Kerberos, DNS and Microsoft products as a whole. I would welcome the opportunity of working with DTS again and hope to do so in the future.


M.D., The Children’s Hospital



We contracted with DTS to perform an upgrade/migration of our existing Active Directory and Exchange environments onto new equipment. The entire process was extremely painless and we were very happy with the results. I can honestly say that our DTS consultants exceeded our expectations. It took less time than we had anticipated, and some of the issues we were afraid of running into did occur, but our DTS consultants were very quick at finding a working solution.

DTS is technically competent, their work is very thorough, and their attention to detail is the best I have seen. I would not hesitate in recommending Dynamic Technical Solutions to anyone looking for Microsoft professionals.


R.B. Information Technology Director, Colorado City Government – Town of Vail



CH2M Hill is a $5B IT and engineering firm based in Denver, Colorado. CH2M Hill has utilized DTS for complex IT management and support projects. During the time that DTS supported our efforts for one of our customers (a Fortune 500 company), their consultant exhibited significant technical competencies. Furthermore, our DTS consultant is a professional, receiving high marks from the customer for program management as well as communication skills.


Director of Business Development, CH2M Hill

Resumes Communicate

Personal and professional ability should always shine brightly above anything else.  It should be a professional portrait.  Truly a self-portrait of YOU. How does one accomplish this?

As mentioned above, resumes are all too often found to focus exclusively upon the writer’s tools-of-trade (nouns) within their bullet points.  In the fiend of Information Technology (IT), talent will commonly punch-up technical terms (nouns) ignoring what is most important.

In addition to technology, job seekers looking for:

  • What did you do?
  • How did you do it?
  • Your actions, doingness and accomplishments

Four (4) out of five (5) resumes can be counted on to be starving of such content. The balance is routinely off.  These starved resumes contain lists detailing their tools-of-trade (nouns).

The following cannot be stressed enough to DTS Inc. consultants and candidates: nouns, as described above, do not provide sufficient context or description for a Healthy Resume.  Your skills and ability are absolutely vital.

If you’ve run into resume-writer’s block, do the following:

  1. Write down a full lists of your tools-of-trade.
  2. Next, take this list and details what you did with these tools. Describe how you did it.

You might note technical resumes commonly include any all versions of Linux, Windows or Network firewalls, along with other technologies (nouns).  In development, you will undoubtedly discover many resumes replete with impressive repertoires of coding languages.

This is a fantastic.  For those IT folks, go back through your resume and add a balance of action.

Where I cannot over-stressing this point – the tools-of-trade should NEVER be the focus of a resume.

First and foremost, the premise of a well-written resume involves activity and action(s) (verbs).

If say you’re a project manager, write about organizing projects and the resultant impact.  Include how you did it and some of resulting successes. (e.g. As Project Manager, worked with 15 technical and business units to organized, consolidated and streamline delivery and QA resulting in 20% improvement of SLA and 10% reduction in licensing cost).

First and foremost, the key premise of a well-written resume involves action(s) (verbs).  A resume’s focus point should always show or demonstrate ‘doingness‘.  Writing down wha’cha did.  Keep it really simple and concise – brevity goes a long way.

Not to over complicate it, but In its simplest sense, a project or job consists of a series of actions. Often many.  Your actions affect or impact THINGS (nouns).  Never the other way.  Jokingly, a car (noun) never drives itself.

Taking a step back – skills for a resume ought to include:

  • An action (verb) should beget accomplishment (nouns) and achievements (nouns).
  • Reversely, an accomplishment (noun) is the result of an action (verb) or series of achievements (nouns).
  • Achievements (nouns) begins with action (verb).

As a decent rule of thumb, a balanced resume ought to primarily focus on actions, or combination thereof.

In any depicted action or accomplishment, be certain to reference your tools-of-trade you used and/or implemented.

Of course, we all want to communicate what we know.  However, knowledge can rather be perceived as a personal possession (noun) versus something you are (professional), or something you do (verb).

Nothing communicates ability better than action. Action demonstrates competence.  From competence comes success.  These are your key skills for a resume.

Be warned of the advise that resumes should never exceed 2 pages. This doesn’t happen to be 100% true. As long as you’re practicing brevity with common sense, create as many pages needed to communicate – certainly shine brightly.  On the flip side, if applying for say a Marketing job, avoid inapplicable experience from say 20 years ago pumping gas.

Skills For A Resume – Golden Rules:

  • Provide rich content balanced first with action then tools-of-trade
  • Demonstrate ability, success and least not passion
  • Practicing brevity while keeping it simple

As a caveat; long-winded and flat resumes containing lists of techno-terms do not communicate. Don’t publish these. These type of resumes wastes the time of your audience.

In closing, these are the basics Skills For A Resume – really make your resume shine.  Please feel free to drop me a note.

Below are some additional workable tips to review.

Additional Tips: Skills For A Resume:

It is good to use bullets for lists of items.  However, bullets or lists need to be balanced with their actions and details:

    • Projects consist of 50% business & personal skills. Aside from technical skills, your business & personal skills remain a critical element in demonstrating other key and desired skills or abilities (e.g. managing tasks, defining goals, working with others, planning details, etc.)
    • Practicing brevity, from a 1,000 foot view, draft a paragraph or two capturing your technical and business skills.  This could include your logic or problem solving process.  This should be a description of you.
    • Create a section, somewhere near the top of your resume, for your technologies (nouns). Categorizing these into groups: e.g. Security, Automation, Infrastructure, etc.
    • Job Section:
      • For each job or project, include a summary and description containing:
        • project detail(s)
        • goal(s)
        • deliverables
      • For each job or project include:
        • duties
        • successes
        • milestones and workstreams (optional)
    • Engineers tend to carry or hold concurrent responsibilities.  Please add some color around these
    • Include your certifications toward the bottom
    • If employment history becomes too extensive for your resume, maintain these details in another document.  Also make a note that further employment details are available upon request
    • If you have a successful method of communicating your skills and ability, stick with it.

Additional House Keeping Skills For A Resume:

    • Add all personal information at the top.  Ensure to have your LinkedIn profile included – these day, don’t overlook this must.
    • Ensure page numbers are included in the footer section
    • A resume can be longer than 2 pages.  It is false that a resume cannot be longer.  However, if you’re going to exceed 2 pages, ensure your entire resume practices brevity.
    • In resumes, you do not have to 100% adhere to grammar. However, there can’t be obviously mistakes (e.g. incorrect tenses)
    • In resumes, pronouns like ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘myself’ are assumed and not necessary. Avoid using ‘we’ as it takes focus off you. It also takes up valuable space.
      • If using we, consider rewording to say ‘the team,,,’ or something equivalent
    • Avoiding using trite descriptive words such as adjectives, adverbs etc. (e.g. very, big, highly, funny, difficult, etc.).  In rare cases (sparingly), use such descriptive words to describe a situation or the subject. (e.g. performed a discovery of a complex pattern of redundant pool pumps). – see example below
    • Real estate space is valuable.  Do not waste it with unnecessary or trivial details. Seek to remove redundant works. Practice strict brevity, but not at the expense of underselling your skills
    • Each section is a mini-story about your duties and successes
    • Orient your audience to your mini-story
    • Maintain version history of your resumes
    • Keep it simple
    • A resume is not a narrative
    • Omit unnecessary detail or unimportant past employment history


Incorrect Correct
One of my main job duties consisted of cleaning the company pool. I was asked to improve efficiency.  It took me two weeks of hard work to perform a discovery of all the different aspects of this environment. To improve efficiency, main duties consisted of cleaning the company pool.  Performed a two week detailed discovery of environment.  Benefits from this discovery, allowed the team to restore it to its original state earning the business 1.5 million dollars


  • Implementing correct solutions
  • Bringing the correct talent (professional-staff-augmentation or project team)
  • Alignment to the business functional & functional direction
  • Maintaining agility with communication and options
  • Ensure to have a properly scoped project and accurate roadmap eliminating fluff


Stay Well

Here are some incredibly-simple videos to watch & share with co-workers, family and friend on staying well: