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  • We do not collect personal information except to the extent you provide that information to use through email, your web browser or through our contact forms. We will not share, sell or otherwise provide non-public information to others without your consent.

Published on May 31, 2018


This is part two of the Article TALENT APTITUDE – SUCCESS FACTORSWhen screening talent, hiring manager certainly need to evaluate aptitude.  We’ll further be covering the importance of talent aptitude and why hiring managers should maintain a close eye on this when filling organizational roles.  To gain a better understanding, take a moment to read part one of this article series.

In today’s workforce and in society, finding and determining a individual’s aptitude is without a doubt a critical success factor!

Aptitude is an amazing ability.  We are all inherently blessed with unlimited and potential aptitude.

Aptitude isn’t merely a fancy or colorful word.  Aptitude is that magic spark which ignites innovation, creates accomplishment, overcomes impossible feats, solves intricate problems and makes things go right. Bar none, this magnificent ability can be found within us all.

Aptitude is the wondrous speed at which challenges are gracefully addressed, problems swiftly overcome and inventions readily created.


Although people ‘think-up’ or ‘consider’ amazing thoughts and ideas, aptitude does not consist of mere ‘thinkingness’.

All the greatest thoughts and theories remain ‘theory’ without their proper evaluation and use.

In some cases, aptitude (consisting of evaluation) might accurately call for the absence of action. Make no mistake, evaluation remains a critical element of aptitude.

Take for instances, a guy witnesses a bad car accident.  During the initial emergency, paramedics and police rush to stabilize the driver and passengers.  Seamlessly using aptitude, he observes and evaluates the scene, and aptly determines to wait until the situation stabilizes before offering his statement.  Through observation, he knows that rushing in during an emotional scene could risk lives.  Another, with a lower aptitude, might not have waited.  This isn’t about proper judgement.  This is about the ability to witness or perceive (take in) which then drives an evaluate of action.

Have you ever met someone possessed with the ability to conjure up the most amazing and creative ideas but lacked any discernible ability to organize or make these materialize?  Unless you’re savvy of these type of folks, they can be REALLY convincing.  Please, do not confuse or mistake bright or great ideas for APTITUDE.  The true test which demonstrates aptitude is, “CAN YOU APPLY…?”

From a rear-view, make no mistake, successful application is the essence of aptitude.  ‘Application’ demonstrates an individual’s ability to observe and take thought, theory, evaluations, etc. and move these properly into action.  In the accident example above, accurate evaluation of future action was properly determined.

Have you ever met someone who blindly followed orders, or carried out series of unnecessary or inapplicable actions (better known as ‘wasting time’)?  These individuals can be ghastly.

What does this mean?

Aptitude is the process whereby a person observes or records something mentally.  He or she performs a series of mental computations and calculations (sometimes hundreds) evaluating and measuring relative past, present and future importance(s) along with differing pertinent and potential details and priorities. From this, the individual determines and formulates one or many plans of how something should or ought to be put to use, tackled or addressed.  Sometimes, no action is called for.

EXAMPLE:  Take for instance, there are two children – one & ten-year old.  You instruct both to ‘turn off the bedroom light.’ You’ll obviously witness different response times from both.  The one-year old might respond with a mouth full of bubbles, cute gurgles or silly coos, unable to comprehend or carry out your instruction; whereas the ten-year old, if inclined, could promptly carry out your instruction with little to no difficulty.

Among people, varying aptitude exists.  Take two children around the same age with differing backgrounds.  You request both to close the garage door. However, you’ve left the car parked halfway in the garage.

The first child, perhaps in a hurry or distracted, not witnessing the car’s position, closes the door whereupon damaging the car roof.

The second child, observing and evaluating the scene, opts on an alternative-course which completely avoids any damages, but accomplishes the task.

What does aptitude have to do with business?

Touched on above, individual’s aptitude should be clearly determined.  Those with high aptitude are your problem-solvers.  These are your wiz-bang-kids who routinely baffle us with accomplishing great feats in near breakneck record time.

They are the supermen in our society who make things go right despite all reason to the contrary.

Do not overlook or misevaluate aptitude.  Lacking can cause untold damage, waste and costs.


When interviewing new talent or evaluating existing, do not make the mistake of overlooking the importance of aptitude. Understanding and depending the need for stellar aptitudes ensures success.  With known budget constraints, never lower expectations or standards. Certainly do not become reasonable or discouraged because ‘recruitment is unable to find high aptitude talent‘.

Ignoring the importance of aptitude, or becoming complacent, ensures failure.  One way or the other, it will cost you in time, effort or money.

Due to recruitment challenges finding the ‘Michael Jordans’, businesses arbitrarily opt to train and mentor new talent.  This inevitably places extra strain and burden on existing talent, whom most likely carries significant load.  Unless your company is willing take on and tackle mentoring new talent, avoid any degree of reasonableness toward lowered aptitude.  It simply isn’t worth it.

As a word of warning; never get caught up on the guy who impressively “knows” all the terms and nomenclature (buzz words), who is incapable of applying his technology or trade.

The key point is: Can he or she Apply?

Sometimes hard to detect, obfuscated behind ignorance, this ilk of individual can cause significant waste. Aptitude can always be increased through various channels and means (education, mentoring, practice, Scientology, etc.).

Increasing aptitude takes a certain desire or willingness on the part of the individual.

In summary, maintain your standards, and for goodness sake, do not become reasonable. Above all, be that hero who maintains and safeguards business standards by seeking the best talent with the highest of aptitudes.


At DTS Inc. we take pride in our thoroughness spending time to speak to and appropriately screen all candidates.  Some make it, some do not.  We consult our qualified candidates by increasing the overall health, conciseness and relevance of their resumes making for an easy decision process for our customers.

Contact DTS Inc. to experience the difference.

Warmest Regards,
DTS Inc. | Principal Architect & CEO – About DTS



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I.S., VP Technology at Barclays Capital



I have had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions over the last year servicing the same customer. DTS demonstrates an exceptional technical aptitude, attention to detail and work ethic that makes their service delivery extraordinary. Anyone requiring solid directory services architectural or technical guidance will benefit from what DTS brings to the table. I recommend their work.


N.K., Microsoft - Senior Technical Account Manager



I had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions at The Children's Hospital and found them to be an extremely knowledgeable in respect to Microsoft Windows Engineering. Their precision, dedication, thoroughness and understanding in Microsoft Active Directory design and support are impeccable. They take pride in continuously learning, adapting and implementing all of the knowledge they possess and have shown such aptitude in technical writings of Kerberos, DNS and Microsoft products as a whole. I would welcome the opportunity of working with DTS again and hope to do so in the future.


M.D., The Children's Hospital



We contracted with DTS to perform an upgrade/migration of our existing Active Directory and Exchange environments onto new equipment. The entire process was extremely painless and we were very happy with the results. I can honestly say that our DTS consultants exceeded our expectations. It took less time than we had anticipated, and some of the issues we were afraid of running into did occur, but our DTS consultants were very quick at finding a working solution.

DTS is technically competent, their work is very thorough, and their attention to detail is the best I have seen. I would not hesitate in recommending Dynamic Technical Solutions to anyone looking for Microsoft professionals.


R.B. Information Technology Director, Colorado City Government – Town of Vail



CH2M Hill is a $5B IT and engineering firm based in Denver, Colorado. CH2M Hill has utilized DTS for complex IT management and support projects. During the time that DTS supported our efforts for one of our customers (a Fortune 500 company), their consultant exhibited significant technical competencies. Furthermore, our DTS consultant is a professional, receiving high marks from the customer for program management as well as communication skills.


Director of Business Development, CH2M Hill


  • Implementing correct solutions
  • Bringing the correct talent (professional-staff-augmentation or project team)
  • Alignment to the business functional & functional direction
  • Maintaining agility with communication and options
  • Ensure to have a properly scoped project and accurate roadmap eliminating fluff


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