The Children’s Hospital

I had the pleasure of working with Dynamic Technical Solutions at The Children’s Hospital and found them to be an extremely knowledgeable in respect to Microsoft Windows Engineering. Their precision, dedication, thoroughness and understanding in Microsoft Active Directory design and support are impeccable. They take pride in continuously learning, adapting and implementing all of the knowledge they possess and have shown such aptitude in technical writings of Kerberos, DNS and Microsoft products as a whole. I would welcome the opportunity of working with DTS again and hope to do so in the future

As for the CEO, Shawn, the person – he is a kind, considerate and passionate person in every aspect of his life. Whether it is his family, health, work, spirituality or any other activity he exudes passion in what he puts his mind to. He never backs down from a challenge and is always willing to help people close to him in any way he can.

I highly recommend Dynamic Technical Solutions and Shawn as an Engineer, Manager, Director or mentor and can see them excelling in every aspect.