Barclay’s Capital

Dynamic Technical Solutions brings in a rare combination of attention to detail along with a keen focus on security. Remarkably professional, innovative and client oriented. Incredible skills in the MS core architecture space which makes DTS a must have for all infrastructure teams. DTS is extremely competent, takes a hands-on approach in resolving issues and does not shy away even when the issue is not related to their space. DTS is the most motivated, passionate and enthusiastic team member I’ve ever had. DTS is a great to work with and would be an invaluable asset to anyone.

– L.K.

I had a pleasure working with Dynamic Technical Solutions very closely on a very complex, critical project with a lot of moving parts and unknowns. Not only did DTS quickly grasped all the complexities of the project, they helped bring clarity and order to it. Their dedication and professionalism are tremendous. They are teammembers whom you can always count on to be there and deliver what’s required and then some. Their technical abilities have allowed us to develop and implement great solutions. DTS’ understanding of IT security helped us not only come up with a robust technical solution, but also a very secure one. I’ll gladly work with them any time again.

– I.S., VP Technology at Barclays Capital

I worked an engagement with Dynamic Technical Solutions as the AD Architect for Barclays Capital. Since the onset, DTS demonstrated that not only a very seasoned expertise in Active Directory, but also a very focused, polished professionalism with very high standards of quality and integrity. DTS’ work in this project has been excellent. The client has commended and extended them, which is a direct reflection of DTS’ ability to produce great results and build good rapport with clients and business partners. I have also been able to get to know DTS’ CEO as a person, and appreciate his values, the importance he places on education and family, and had the pleasure of engaging in intellectually enriching conversations. DTS is led by a great individual, and I look forward to working with him in future opportunities.

– F.V.