activedirectory-large1 Active Directory
Domain Services
Active Directory represents the backbone to your organization’s on-premises and cloud platforms. Active Directory provides rich and collaborative controls for user and data access spanning multiple platforms enabling businesses to reduce costs while increasing productivity.
Seemlessly Integrate Across Multi-Platforms
Increase Performance Across Your Entire Enterprise
Implement Continuity & Standards Tailored Precisely to Align with Business Needs
Secure Your Environment Providing Peace of Mind

Your Active Directory Domain Service Experts
Saving time and money by putting your current technology to work for you.
Providing more time to focus on creating solutions for your business.


Active Directory
Domain Services
Today, there are more reasons than ever to prepare your Active Directory for the future.
Let our Active Directory experts explore & implement controls for the following:
  • Manage: Maintaining precise agility to centrally manage or delegate controls to appropriate business units
  • Authenticate & Authorize: Creating a worry free & simple single sign on experience for employees
  • Enforce Policy: Providing instant ability to push critical settings to both users and their computers
  • Secure Access: Apply best practices & proven methods by keeping prying eyes out, without sacrificing functionality
  • Scale Up or Down: As business needs change, maintain precise ability to accurately scale both vertically and horizontally
  • Remain Transparent: Seamlessly share & collaborate information across internal or external business units
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Active Directory is at the core of both on-premises infrastructure and the bridge to many of today’s cloud services. DTS will ensure your Active Directory is secure, optimized and scalable, ready for tomorrow.


Executing Enterprise Solutions in:

Globe_42187831 Industries PhysicalSites
18+ Countries Over 20 Industries 2,100+ Physical locations


Active Directory
Identity & Access Controls
idm-small2 Active Directory goes hand in glove with security and compliance. Managing identities and access both in the cloud, on-premises and in hybrid solutions is a breeze when Active Directory is optimized. Let DTS help you optimize your Active Directory using best practice and taking full advantage of DTS’ deep experience in Microsoft products and technology.
Schedule an appointment today to implement controls for:

  • Provision Modeling & Controls
  • AD Delegation Design & Management
  • Security Group Modeling
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Centralized Server Administrative Controls
  • Authentication – Kerberos, NTLM, PKI, etc.
  • AD Federation Services (ADFS) & SSO


Over 6,500 Domain Controllers Over 4 Million Objects MutliSite
6,000 Domain Controllers Over 4 Million AD Objects 2,100+ Physical Sites


Active Directory
Automation Services
Return valued time to your day by automating critical & repetitive tasks.
Active Directory on-premises and Azure AD offer many options for securing, configuring, setting and accessing information. Utilizing the myriad of built-in automation technologies, maintain your organization’s continuity and standards in everything from security and compliance, to business process and naming conventions. Automation solutions come in many different favors and colors. For example, utilizing Distributed File System (or DFS), enable automated file replication providing geo-redundancy and high-availability for important departmental data.

Contact DTS today to receive an analysis of how to automate your Active Directory.

Common Automation Services:

  • Scripting Solutions
  • Access & Provisioning
  • Software Deployment, Policies & Settings
  • File Services – HA, Spanning Geo-zones
  • User & Computer Baseline Security Settings
  • Network Drives, Printer Mappings & more
  • Monitor & Alerting of Critical Tasks & Services
  • Routine “run-the-bank” operational duties
  • Synchronizing LDAP Directories
  • And many more business and technical processes


Identity Management

Identity Management



Enterprise Active Ddirectory

Enterprise Active Directory

Transport Controls

Transport Controls



Security Design

Security Design

Secure Communication

Secure Communications

Single Sign On

Single Sign On


Active Directory
Over time, IT infrastructures evolve due to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, migrations and general growth. Optimization brings Active Directory back to ideal state through remediation and clean-up of objects, sites, replication topology, and more. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Hire us to help optimize your Active Directory investment providing a standard, scalable and secure environment, easily manageable, thus enabling a resilient infrastructure now, and far into the future.

Schedule an appointment today, and optimize those known areas of your Active Directory requiring our expert attention.

  • Increase User Performance & Access Time
  • Accelerate Application Performance
  • Extend Controls to Cloud Infrastructure
  • Optimize Replication Topology
  • Develop & Enforce Functional Security Model(s)
  • Hygiene of Stale Objects, Attributes & Settings
  • Consolidate Domains & Forest
  • Employ Critical Change Tracking & Alerting
  • Implement ‘Development’ Sandbox(es)
  • Consolidate Group Policy Objects
  • Optimize Distributed File System (DFS)
  • Execute Appropriate Change Controls








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