…of Service

A few short weekends ago, my wife and I joined a group of brave Freedom fighters who had an incredible church fundraiser in beautiful Puerto Rico. On this trip, we had the opportunity to not only visit many historical and beautiful sites, but also became acquainted and got to know some of the super caring […]

Starving Resumes Left Behind

A Resume Communicates ability! I wanted to take a few minutes to share a few successful actions and tips for authoring or updating resumes. These tips ought to help better capture the attention of your audience, hiring managers or recruiters.  Additionally, I really want to call out some false and damaging information floating around the […]

Your Talent’s Aptitude – Part 1/2

In today’s workforce and society, finding and then determining aptitude is without a doubt critical for success! Aptitude is an amazing ability.  We are all inherently blessed with potential aptitude. Aptitude isn’t merely a fancy or colorful word.  Aptitude is that magic spark which ignites innovation, creates accomplishment, overcomes impossible feats, solves intricate problems and […]

Separation Of Duties through a key hole

A Discussion on Security Improvements For decades, businesses have sloppily adopted and implemented haphazard business practices of over-doing, over-granting IT personnel with unchecked elevated access. This elevated access provides IT personnel with increased capabilities to perform wide-spheres of critical tasks and duties with near-unfettered control and access over IT business assets. IT personnel are not […]

Operationalize & Normalize System Patching

Maintaining Patch Levels We’re going to discuss system patching.  Sorry for sounding like a broken record & for this long winded 2018 New Years message. Over the past many months, businesses have faced re-prioritized tasks and delayed deliverables, not to mention hit many show-stopping freezes (Thanksgiving, xMas, etc.). This regrettably and certainly can delay patch […]

AzureAD: PowerShell Management Change

Hey guys, Wanted to share an interesting change to the Azure AD.  You all probably already know that Microsoft (a bit ago) released their new AzureAD Powershell (ver2) replacing the older MSOnline (ver1.x) for managing AzureAD.  The ver1.x of the powershell module is presently deprecated. There’s another interesting piece to this puzzle – the new […]

Executive Summary: Architecting and Engineering

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking at transitioning your business’ email service to an online solution, such as Exchange Online. You’ve probably also come to the realization this might not be as simple as sitting back and pressing “Play”. You’re more right than you know. Often times the main roadblock to moving forward […]

Merging Email Services is Far More Streamlined Today

Whether or not both parent and child business entities utilize cloud or on-premises technology for email services, merging the source, or child, environment into the parent can present technical hurdles and challenges. Knowing this path streamlines such initiatives, making them far more simple and straight forward for everyone involved. Beyond Technology As part of the initial […]

Mergers & Acquisitions: Email Services

Business mergers and acquisitions are a key component in the future growth and prosperity for all companies involved. That is, if the process is managed efficiently and effectively. Identify Dependencies: In any business model, there is a significant dependence upon seamless communications and collaboration internally. This becomes even more relevant with businesses that are acquired or […]