AzureAD: PowerShell Management Change

Hey guys, Wanted to share an interesting change to the Azure AD.  You all probably already know that Microsoft (a bit ago) released their new AzureAD Powershell (ver2) replacing the older MSOnline (ver1.x) for managing AzureAD.  The ver1.x of the powershell module is presently deprecated. There’s another interesting piece to this puzzle – the new […]

Automating Archives – Exchange Online

Good afternoon, I wanted to take a moment to touch on a hot topic concerning Exchange Online inplace archives, plus provide a simplified method to establish a standard-state across the organization. Most businesses maintain strict and rigorous retention policies on data.  Retention policies extend throughout the organization from unstructured data, OneDrive, email, database information, etc. Placing the limelight […]

Import a Root and Intermediate cert into your local stores using PowerShell

Here is a handy and straight forward PowerShell function to import a Root and Intermediate cert into your local stores using PowerShell. #Begin Script ~~ function Import-Certificate { Param ([String]$certFileIn, ` [String]$certRootStoreIn = “LocalMachine”, ` [string]$certStoreIn) $certFile = Get-ChildItem $certFileIn $cert = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates.X509Certificate2($certFile.FullName) $store = get-item Cert:\$certRootStoreIn\$certStoreIn $store.Open(“ReadWrite”) $store.Add($cert) $store.Close() } # Root Certificate […]