Your Talent’s Aptitude – Part 1/2

In today’s workforce and society, finding and then determining aptitude is without a doubt critical for success!

Aptitude is an amazing ability.  We are all inherently blessed with potential aptitude.

Aptitude isn’t merely a fancy or colorful word.  Aptitude is that magic spark which ignites innovation, creates accomplishment, overcomes impossible feats, solves intricate problems and makes things go right. Bar none, this magnificent ability can be found within us all. Aptitude is the wondrous speed at which challenges are gracefully addressed, problems swiftly overcome and inventions readily created.

Ever encounter those whose capabilities produced or created far beyond, at neck break speed, with the poise of a tiger and the grace of dancer? These are YOUR moversshakers in our workforce and society.

Frequently overlooked, let alone inspected or demanded, aptitude is that critical underlying ingredient behind nearly every single advancement in history.

Between people, aptitude can vary widely.  We’re unfortunately not all blessed with equivalent aptitude.

Aptitude isn’t necessarily honed through higher education, or discovered via status. Quite often, we’ve disappointingly witnessed unqualified peers ascend, with a silver tongue, the ranks of management lacking any discernible sense of ‘problem solving skills‘. Problems seem to roughly bounce off and stick to others.

Aptitude isn’t specialized to either the strong or weak.  Some have an amazing aptitude, where others lack. Concentrated forms of education won’t necessarily increase aptitude.  And in some instances, prolonged education has been found to suppress this ability.

In business, take a moment to recognize aptitude being that magical and essential element which makes the ENTIRE difference between success or failure.  Individuals with increased aptitude routinely accomplish great and many things, while those lacking predictably will be sources of untold costly failures and beacons of troubles.  The latter are those which companies are desperately trying to detect and weed out from their work force.

Your stellar gems are those who commonly carry the weight of the whole department, or section, creating stable and bright futures for the business.  The less accomplished are unfortunately those, acting in a vampire capacity, who deplete and drain the life from our most important super stars.  More times than not, this vampire relationship goes unnoticed.

What is Aptitude?

Aptitude is the ability to observe, mentally take in, evaluate, and then put into ‘use’, ‘action’ or ‘application’.

Aptitude is measured by the duration taken by an individual to perform the following:

  1. Absorb something, or perhaps a series of details (whether through observation, study, conversation, physical contact, orientation, etc., an individual can absorb or perceive via a myriad perceptic channels (57 in total)).
  2. Mentally sort through these and evaluate the details
  3. Successfully put these into use or some form of action.

With increased aptitude, you will witness shorter response-times.  With lower aptitude, response-times will be greater.

As a noteworthy point worth stressing; aptitude happens to be the combination of all points above. Minus any, you’re not talking about aptitude but something totally different.

Warmest Regards

Shawn May

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