AzureAD: PowerShell Management Change

Hey guys,

Wanted to share an interesting change to the Azure AD.  You all probably already know that Microsoft (a bit ago) released their new AzureAD Powershell (ver2) replacing the older MSOnline (ver1.x) for managing AzureAD.  The ver1.x of the powershell module is presently deprecated.

There’s another interesting piece to this puzzle – the new & improved installation method/medium for such modules is via their Powershell gallery available now with WFM 5.0/5.1. (link).  In addition, I’m unable to locate the MSOnline module for traditional down – this no longer appears to be available for download, but only available via their powershell gallery.

I’m finding MS has yet to transition full functionality beneath this new module, but there certainly seems to be a fairly large adjustment between their 1.x and 2.x version of these modules (the powershell cmdlets are also very different – e.g. get-azureaduser replaces get-msoluser).

Note: I was able to successfully install the “older” MSOnline module manually but first installing WFM 5.1.

Module   – Description

  • AzureAD  – Azure Active Directory PowerShell v2 – Run the following cmdlet: Install-Module AzureAD
  • MSOnline – Azure Active Directory PowerShell v1 – Run the following cmdlet: Install-Module MSOnline

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DTS Inc. | Principal Architect & CEO