Office 365: Proper Scoping

A successful Office 365 migration should not require “learning by the school of hard knocks” or “trial and error”. Such approaches can wind up costing businesses a fortune while they try to get it right. At DTS we know it can be done better and more efficiently and we’ve proven it time and time again. We know the road blocks and can avoid them to make sure your migration goes smoothly.

Understanding Scope

Our goal is to help businesses understand the scope and requirements surrounding their email services and to predict challenges. By keeping these as our main focus we can eliminate complexities while increasing productivity throughout the organization. Our approach creates a high level of return on investment (ROI) while decreasing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

Keeping it Simple

Although a migration involves interaction with business users, and sometimes external partners, it doesn’t need to be a painful or complicated process. Our process includes ensuring that the experience is positive and easy to move through. As part of our services, we identify and work to eliminate unnecessary burden on those who use and support email services.

If you are looking to enhance your current functionality by upgrading to Exchange Online, you’ve come to the right place.

your DTS Approach:

Our approach begins with a complete analysis of your business and how things are done. This includes working with you and making sure we gain an understanding of your business and security requirements, as well as existing processes, expectations and utilized technologies/solutions (on-premises). Each of these elements are then reviewed and combined to create a workable direction and solution for an Office 365 migration.

When migrating to Office 365, we ensure the service is secure, stable and can be easily maintained.

Most companies migrating to cloud services, such as Office 365, are doing so for the first time. Our in-depth technical knowledge and extensive experience ensures migrations are simple and done with minimal interruption to their productivity.

One of the most common challenges in a migration is a lack of understanding and training on how to maintain the email services environment. As part of DTS’ post-email migration services we train our client’s internal team so they are fully enabled to maintain the email services environment.

DTS performs email service migrations to Office 365, from very basic to highly complex, navigating through every technical detail to ensure success. Our email services migration playbook, customized to your business requirements, and carried out by our experienced team, makes for a successful migration.

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